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Wax Bar FAQ’s

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Waxing Services

Personal hygiene rules! Please bathe and or freshen up before your Brazilian, bikini or body wax treatment. We do provide wipes if your coming straight from work or other activities.
Skip the lotions and potions! Do not apply self tanners, body sprays, deodorants and other topical creams before your appointment.
Let it grow out! If you have been shaving, allow a minimum of 2 weeks or ¼ inch of hair growth. Exfoliate! Make sure to do an exfoliation of some sort to the are being waxed to make sure all the hair is ready for waxing

If you find waxing very uncomfortable take an Ibuprofen a 1/2 hour before your appt.
This will help make your waxing more tolerable. Do come for waxing at regular intervals, if you leave the hair too long it will hurt more to remove. Ask yout therapist for advice.
We use Australian Bodycare warm tube wax system for most waxing and Peron Rigot Sensitive wax for all intimate areas.
Post-Waxing Care:

Avoid heat. No tanning, sun bathing, hot tubs,swimming or saunas for 24 hours after your treatment. Since a layer of dead skin cells have been removed, sun and or heat exposure can burn the skin. No hot baths or exercising for 2 hours following your treatment.
Exfoliate daily 48 hours after your treatment with products or exfoliating gloves to maintain your wax and eliminate ingrown hairs.
At our spa, all instruments are sanitized and we enforce a strict “no double dipping” policy, meaning that we never dip the same applicator in the can of wax or sugar once it has been used. We take pride in the quality of your waxing experience, so no matter if your are a first time waxer or a waxing pro we can definitely provide the cleanest, fastest, and best quality waxing experience available!


We care about your health and safety and want all aspects of your spa experience to be positive and relaxing. Some medications and products, such as Accutane, Retin A/ tretinoin products, peels, other strong exfoliants, and antibiotics can cause skin thinning or sensitivity. Please inform us if you have used any preparation designed to peel/ exfoliate the skin or treat acne within the last six months. Waxing is best performed 3-5 days before a special occasion or vacation. Please ask for a patch test if you have sensitive skin.
Standard bikini wax is a basic wax just inside the pantline
G string wax is taken further in from the pant line, higher and underneath, ideal for swimwear
Brazillian removes everthing underneath with a neat hair strip at the front
Hollywood wax removes all hair from the bikini area

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Please note that a deposit is required or a gift card number quoted for all treatments and spa day appointments. Cancellation without giving 24 hours notice will incur a 50% charge of the treatment booked

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