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Icon Glitter Dust is Here !

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Icon Glitter is now here! Wonderful colourful range that is Vegan & Not Tested on Animals.

Glitter Dust for your Finger or Toe Nails to Excite and Delight.

We are Expert in Nail Repairs & Nail reconstruction for damaged Finger or Toe Nails.

Full range of Shellac, Gelish, OPI & Vinylux, Glitters, Foils, Diamontes & Stickers. Free advice for all your Nail issues, just give us a call.

Drop in for a chat to learn what we can do for you !

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Floatation, Floatation, Floatation

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A Floatation Experience is the Ultimate get away from it all !

The clinical term for this unusual practice is R.E.S.T., Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy – Book Here Online Now ! 

Spa Packages from £72 for a Floatation Experience with Aromaspa Massage

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Express Acrylic Nail Extensions

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New Express Nail Extensions including Shellac/Gel Polish Application ( Excludes Nail Art, prices from £2) One hour service. £35

This does not include removal of Shellac/Gel Polish/Old extensions removal or Nail Art, extra charge from £2-£20 depending on product.


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Non-Surgical Face lift Trial offer

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Fed up with looking in the mirror and watching those pesky fine lines around the eyes getting deeper?

Jawline looking a bit puffy or saggy? There is a proven Microcurrent treatment to attend to these issues and

more! If you have never tried to turn back time, this is your moment to get results that others swear by.

Offer Price for a one hour consultation £30 until May 15th only!!

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Beautytek Non-Surgical Alternatives for Face or Body £99 Starter Package

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Got an important Wedding, Event, A Big Birthday this year??

Trying on clothes to fit the “Occasion” and not finding anything that fits  Enter Beautytek, the Holistic, Non-Surgical Body  & Face Sculpting machine to help you look and feel amazing.

The Real Non-Surgical Alternative

A natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, Beautytek is a non-invasive body  & face sculpting technology based on the Eastern philosophy of meridian energy. The treatment is relaxing, gentle and risk-free, with results often visible from the very first session. Beautytek can be used to reduce cellulite, reduce body fat, effect skin firming including breast lifting and rejuvenate tired or blemished skin. Used on the face it reduces wrinkles, tightens and tones neck and jawline, smooths out forehead lines.

With therapeutic reach much deeper than conventional body and face treatments, it harnesses the body’s powerful mechanisms for self repair, restoring health and wellbeing and enabling the body to reshape itself, with dramatic, long-lasting results.

Therapeutic results can be achieved on almost any area of the body, but the most common applications are:

— Fat reduction on the abdomen, legs, bottom/hips and arms
— Cellulite reduction on the legs, bottom and arms
—Skin Firming on the stomach after pregnancy or rapid weight loss
— Redefining the Jawline
— Smoothing of facial fine lines/wrinkles
— Breast lifting
— Skin Firming on legs and arms

Each client has individual problems and therefore cannot be treated as “average”. Beautytek uses energy and information transfer to deliver an impulse specifically designed for the client and the needs of the area of the body being treated.

The theory of Beautytek is simple—make the body well from the inside and the benefits will show on the outside.

How Beautytek works

A very low-frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. This is between 60–600 micro amps, roughly the same frequency as your heartbeat and much lower than other conventional “micro-current” machines that function primarily as muscle stimulators. We concentrate on one area at a time to maximise the effect you require.

Information about the balance and composition of the client’s cell structure is returned to the Beautytek software, which readjusts the impulse accordingly. There is a continuous circuit of treatment and measurement (the bio-cybernetic circuit) which constantly updates and modulates the energy delivered to the client. Beautytek’s artificial intelligence (algorithms) uses comprehensive measurements to calibrate the voltage, frequency and intensity of the therapeutic current, thereby eliminating the risk of under- or over-dosage.

Specially formulated electrolyte treatment gels are applied to the skin and nutrients are absorbed into the body during treatment (known as iontophoresis). The beautytek treatment system gives the body precisely what it needs to rebalance any excess positive ions and stimulate collagen production and cell repair.

An overall improvement in health is to be expected as Beautytek helps to remove excess water, fat and waste, relax muscles and treat a variety of stubborn issues.

We are offering a Starter package of 3 x Face or Body treatments for £99 until May 30th 2018 – FREE CONSULTATION, please ask

Suitable for men & Women over 18 Years ( Not suitable for epilepsy, pacemaker, pregnancy and thyroid conditions)

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Focus on Skin Care

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Face looking dry, a little lacklustre? Get it sorted with expert help from a Microurrent Facial A talented Therapist, Dermalogica & Relax!

Microcurrent Facial on offer @ £45 for 1 hour until April 15th 2018

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Shellac removal Free this weekend

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Enjoy free removal with any nail treatment this weekend including Bank Holiday Monday April 2nd.

Don’t need removal? Ask for a FREE Spa travel lotion worth £5.95 with any nail treatment to 2/4/2018

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Thank you for a lovely relaxing day, believe it or not I was recommended to you by my husband who had a pedicure and he gave me a £100 voucher to spend as I liked.

What a great day, thanks again. x



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5 Star *****

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Thanks Floatarium for a great massage. This was a birthday treat from my Aunt and I really enjoyed it.

I also gave you a 5 Star Google review as I was so impressed. I’m really sorry I could not remember

my therapist’s name, but I just wanted to say thank you and will re-book soon.


Ian Burton


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Happy Customer

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Hi All @ The Floatarium,

Thank you for a lovely day. I feel very relaxed and would recommend the Ultimate Back Therapy with Facial that I got as a gift.

I will be back x






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£10 Off

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Yes, Really. £10 off any advanced Facial treatment until the end of March.

Get your skin refreshed, hydrated and smoothed to perfection with this offer. Expert help with any issues including breakouts,

acne, anti-aging, redness, sensitivity. Any age or gender, we can help. A FREE Skin Mapping is included and consultation to get

the best advice.

Microdermabrasion offer price £35 45 mins

Beautytek Microcurrent offer price 1 hour £45

Ultrasonic & light therapy Microderm 75 mins, offer price £65

Any 75 min Dermalogica  ultracalming or Anti-Aging facial  offer price£45

Introduction for a  BioSurface Peel.  Skin Map, advice and 30 mins facial with patch

testing to check for suitability for a Chemical Peel offer price £30

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Mother’s Day Gifts

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Give Mum the gift of Relaxation this year on Mother’s Day March 11th. Try something different like a

relaxing Manicure, A soothing Pedicure or more unusual Floatation, Reflexology or even Hot Stone Massage.

Give a real treat this year and if you are not sure of what to give, a Spa Voucher allows her to choose her

own relaxation or beauty Gift to suit herself. Go on- Treat your Mum xx

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