Floatarium Facial Treatments & Dermalogica Cosmeceutical Facials

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Dermalogica products are a new generation of Cosmetic technology combined with natural ingredients that effectively treat problem breakouts of spots, acne and pigmentation. Free skin analysis is included for Dermalogica facials along with expert help on how to apply products and samples to try at home. Prices start from £37 to £75 depending on the level of service and the time you require for your relaxing, effective pamper. If you need free expert advice on which treatment to choose, please ask, we are here for you to achieve the best possible results from your skincare products and are happy to provide free samples for you to try after analysis. Express 30 minute treatment without masque @ £37, targeted microzone 30 minutes £37, active resurfacing 45 minutes @ £47 and standard dermalogica face mapping and treatment for 75 mins @ £55.  We have a new relaxing 90 minute treatment time @ £75 due to popular demand

Touch Treatments

For only £10, each therapy can be added to your facial for an extra 15 mins of relaxation and pampering.

Choose from:

  • Foot Massage
  • Scalp Massage
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage or Hand & Arm massage

Wanting relaxation as well as clear skin? Look no further with our customised Floatarium Facial, either express at 30 minutes or a 45 minute relaxer you will feel refreshed and more able to face the world. Prices are £32 & £45


Microdermabrasion can clear enlarged pores, breakouts, pigmentation and is anti-aging. Ask your therapist for advice on your particular concern. This advice is free with no hard sell to buy a treatment or products, we want you to feel your treatment is suitable and will address your concerns. We offer buy 4 get one free on all microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy and ultrasonic treatments, this also includes Microcurrent ( see below) Not sure what you need ? Our skincare experts are here to help you choose the best service to achieve the results you require.

Prices start @ £45 for Microdermabrasion, £62 with oxygen therapy and £75 for Ultrasonic with light therapy.


Microcurrent using our Beautytek machines is the anti-aging treatment providing excellent results that we recommend. One treatment will tighten and tone the areas of the face and body causing you the most concern. Again we are happy to advise free of charge to enable you to make an informed decision on which treatment is right for you to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Microcurrent can also be used on the body to tighten and tone, reducing and eliminating fat from your cells. Like all the electrical services, these treatments are meant to be used as a course to get the best results, however, a single treatment will energise your metabolism and help you achieve your goals. You can add Infrared Sauna to this treatment to maximise results.

Buy 4 get one free. Full facial £55, body treatments £55


As with all facial treatments it is important to understand that skin needs to breathe and we recommend that for a minimum of 12 hours afterwards you refrain from wearing makeup, 24 hours would be optimum.


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