The Floatation Experience

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Floatation & Aromaspa massage is the best way to relax your mind and body together for lasting relief of stress and tension throughout your body. Prices start at £72 but give us a call to help you make a decision on the best option for you or to choose for a gift

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The most unusual experience gift you can give.

Choose from Float, or a Luxury Float with gift of Spa Magik Dead Sea ( £12) products for body, face and hair to use at home. Treat yourself or a loved one to a full mind and body experience. The dead sea salts and concentration of natural minerals in the the water will soften your skin, detox your body and allow your spine and muscles to relax and realign. Great for all aches, pains, arthritis, your posture and safe for all including Mum-to-be. Men love this unfussy treatment too. Add a massage or facial for a truly unforgettable day.

By being insulated from the outside world it allows your brain to truly relax without stimulation and is said to be six hours of mental and physical rest. Canny Scots use this treatment before going on holiday to relax before even stepping onto an airplane, car or train or after returning can greatly reduce or eliminate jet lag.

We have one floatation pod, with 10 and a half inches of water and half a tonne of salts and minerals, your session is started with 10 mins of relaxing music followed by 40 mins of silence and 5 mins of music at the end. In between your mind can wander as in meditation or you may experience getting your mind to the theta zone, either is beneficial. A complete mind & body experience for a loved one, or try this with an aromaspa massage afterwards, custom facial or hot stone massage.

All you need to bring is swimwear, everything else is provided. Standard Floatation Experience is one hour**You can also book for longer float experience sessions of 90 mins** or 2 hours** which is beneficial if you like meditation or are trying meditation techniques to combat stress or physical ailments.
Please phone to make an appointment, we cannot do walk in appointments for the floatation treatments as the pod has to be filtered and at a certain temperature for optimum use.
 ** Please allow an extra 30 minutes for all treatments for showering, drying of hair and some instruction. Tea/coffee and stimulant drinks should be avoided a few hours before any relaxation treatments. Do not shave on treatment day either, the high salt content with scraped skin would be irritated and sore, this includes under arms,bikini, legs and beard areas.


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