Floatissimo !

£ 120.00


Our Floatissimo Package 3 Hours £120

The perfect combination for a  full mind and body relax, with a Floatation experience, Aromaspa massage for 45 minutes with blended essential oils and a Dermalogica customised facial treatment.

Be cocooned in our warm and soothing floatation pod, defy gravity and float as you would in space. Leave the world behind as you shut down your senses and get the relaxing experience of meditation without doing anything at all!

Our Aromaspa massage will lift your mood with blended essential oils and smooth out those muscle aches to continue the relaxed state from the Floatation session. Prepared to be further pampered with a Dermalogica skin specific facial treatment to firm, hydrate and address any skin concerns you may have. Suitable for any age over 16 and both men & women can enjoy this as a treatment or unusual gift.