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Mens’s Executive Treatments

If you are looking for professional grooming or relaxation, you have come to the right place.

Express Manicure ? Eyebrow tidy ? Getting married, new job, holiday or special occasion can require extra grooming or relaxation treatments so you can look and feel your best.

Our experienced therapists are here to advise on all skincare, waxing, nail treatments and massage therapies, feel free to ask for recommendations or advice.

If you like a concise list of all men’s treatments please visit our brochure tab at the top of the home page , for a longer description please keep reading !


Eyebrow wax and shape £13

We use waxing and tweezing techniques to create groomed tidy brows and will advise or maintain the shaping you require. approx 15 mins

Back waxing or chest waxing

£22 each (approx 30 mins for each) rid yourself of unwanted hair for back or chest, you can add a shoulder wax for £12 and we will feather this to look as natural as possible.


Express Custom Facial Treatment  £ 32

30 minutes for a relaxing cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturising facial, a quick, effective treatment using Skin Truth products


IQ Facial   30 min £37      45 mins £47    75 mins £55   90 mins £75

Using Dermalogica cosmeceutical products we aim to address any skin concerns you may have starting with a consultation to highlight the areas you wish us to concentrate on e.g. breakouts, dryness, redness, anti-aging etc. We will analyse and treat your skin to improve circulation, clear away dead skin cells and re-hydrate for optimal skin health. Relaxation is also a part of the process including soothing facial massage.

Non- Surgical Face Lift  £55

Targeting fine lines, wrinkles and uplifting skin using microamp technology, this anti-aging & relaxing facial also ticks all the right boxes to improve hydration, lifting and toning without any down time or redness. We use Dermalogica cosmeceutical products throughout to give your skin the boost it needs. Our Beautytek Microcurrent treatments are recommended as a course to improve texture and promote collagen production, however you will see improvement from the first appointment and there is no obligation to make further bookings. Approx 1 hour


Express Tension Release massage 30 mins £37

Choose from Aromaspa massage to relax, Swedish massage for medium pressure or Indian Head massage, this quick pick me up will relax and soothe back, neck and shoulders.

If you require specialist advice, longer treatment times or deep pressure, please see our spa massage menu for prices and treatments we offer.


Full Spa Pedicure  45 mins £30

Experience a stimulating peppermint soak, exfoliating scrub, soothing massage, cuticle tidy, plus nail shortening and shaping. We use Skin Truth fresh peppermint leg and foot moisturiser, metal rasping and peppermint scrub to rid your feet of dry, hardened skin. You can choose matt polish, buffing of the nails or just cleansed to create the look you require. Callus under the ball of the foot or side of toes may require more intensive treatment, please see Sports pedicure with callus peel treatment below.


Sports Pedicure with Callus Peel

Choose from a basic nail tidy £35 ( 45 mins) to a full Spa Pedicure £56 ( 75 mins) with our specialised callus peel treatment.

Runners, hikers and other athletes who are hard on their feet need extra care to keep them healthy with this revitalising chemical peel. Designed to give special attention to callused skin under the foot it can help hardened skin at the sides of the foot and also cracked heels. The skin moisturiser applied at the end of the treatment will continue working for several days afterwards to soften and hydrate your feet.

Express Mini Nail Treatment

For Fingers or Toes, this express mini treatment will trim and shape nails add buffing to a high shine or finish with matt polish and cuticle oil if required. approx 20 mins £13


Full Spa Manicure 45 mins £24

The full works, to be groomed and refreshed. Nails trimmed and shaped with a cuticle remover applied, we then soak the fingers to loosen dead skin and trim any rough areas. Pushing back cuticles and cleansing improves the look and we massage forearms , hands and fingers to soothe and hydrate. Buffing to a shine or matt polish can be applied if required and cuticle oil completes the process.


Hot Stone Sensation Package  2 hours £85

Enjoy a soothing warmed basalt stone massage to deeply revive your muscles for a full body spa massage combined with a hydrating facial and treatment masque. Choose an extra spa mini treat of your choice for foot, scalp or hand and arm massage.  Two hours of time out to be pampered and emerge refreshed.

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Men's Spa Treatments

Eyebrow Wax & Shape £13, Back Wax £22, Chest Wax £22, Shoulder Wax £12, Express Custom Facial £32, IQ Facial 30 mins £37, IQ Facial 45 mins £47, IQ Facial 75 mins £55, IQ facial 90 mins £75, Non-Surgical Face Lift £55, Express Tension Release Massage £37, Full Spa Pedicure £30, Express Sports/Callus Peel Pedicure £35, Full Sports Spa Pedicure £56, Express Mini Nail Treatment £13, Full Spa Manicure £24, Hot Stone Sensation £85


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