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Aromaspa Massage
A soothing relaxing massage for busy people. We use Dermalogica Aromaspa blended oils to entice your senses and smooth out muscles for a truly spa experience. Choose from back neck & shoulders at 30 mins priced at £37,  45 mins for different areas of the body costs £45. Extend your massage to an hour’s worth of me time @ £52 or spoil yourself completely for 90 mins for a full body massage to leave the world behind £ 75   ** Please note this is a light massage and is recommended for after floatation experience appointments.
Hot Stone Massage
Warmed smooth basalt stones with blended oils are used for this pamper session, reaching deeply into muscles it calms & revitalises leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. The heat generated from the stones is comforting and adds to the effect of the massage leaving you feeling cosy and protected from the buffeting of life. Prices start from £42 for 30 mins. Further times available are: 45 minutes £52, one hour £60 and 90 minutes £80. Great for slightly deeper pressure combined with the heat to alleviate stress.
Indian Head Massage
Concentrates on the head including back and shoulders with or without oils. Pure relaxation for busy people. Soothing and calming in a sitting position or on a couch this treatment is also suitable for expectant Mum’s (after the first trimester).  30 minutes will ease your back neck and scalp, perfect for people who sit at desks, computers and the like to release tension held in these areas. One hour will include facial massage and a more thorough back, scalp, hair and neck easing. 30 mins £37, 45 mins £45 & one hour £52 with light to medium pressure used throughout.
Swedish Massage
This classic massage using hacking techniques promotes relaxation, reduces tension & stress, improves circulation and soothes aching muscles. Our therapists will adapt to your needs using a light to medium pressure. 30 mins £37, 45 mins £ 45 & one hour £52.
Deep Tissue Massage
Not for the faint-hearted this massage is using pressure points and deeper pressure from your therapist to realign your body. We use base oils and varying techniques to achieve muscle relaxation and you may even be sore afterwards while your muscles readjust. Perfect for overstretched or shortened muscles or to help with injury or over training at the gym or runners.
30 mins will help your back neck or shoulders or just one area alone. 45 mins will attend to bigger areas and 1 hour will provide relief for your whole body. We do not offer 90 min massages for deep tissue and we do not work on one area for more than 45 mins as this would be too sore for you. Prices are 30 mins £40, 45 mins £52 and one hour £60
 Relieves stress in the body and speeds up the healing process. Calming and revitalising, this treatment helps to re-balance your body and relax your mind. Perfect for those wanting a more vigorous healthy treatment for the whole Body. Specialised Foot Massage which can pinpoint weak areas in the body and perfect for mum’s to be. This is a 5000 year old therapeutic practise and benefits can include reduced stress, tension and pain. 30 mins £37, 45 ins £45 & one hour £52
Pregnancy Massage
We customise your session for the stage in your pregnancy to help with the changing times your body is experiencing. We understand how exhausting and sometimes worrying pregnancy can be and we are sensitive to your needs throughout the weeks and months ahead. We aim to make you as comfortable as possible and attend to your concerns or just smooth away any aches and pains and relax you and your baby-to-be. ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER THE FIRST TRIMESTER due to insurance restrictions. Our specialised body cushion supports the mother and cradles the belly area, alleviating discomfort and allowing the back, neck and shoulders to be accessible to the therapist along with the leg areas. Prices start @ £42 for 30 mins, 45 mins £52 and one hour is £60 with varied pressure as per your needs. If giving as a gift we also have our great expectations pregnancy package, the perfect combination of nurturing and care for mother and growing baby, this includes pre-natal  massage for one hour followed by a full hydrating pedicure ( either regular polish/vinylux or buffing to a high shine) 2 hours £85
 Hopi Ear Candles
Enjoy this soothing ear candling treatment with facial massage and a warmed cosy treatment couch. When lit, the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside it to rise, creating a vacuum at the bottom. This vacuum gently stimulates the ear making you feel lighter and refreshed. 45 mins £45 including facial massage.
Infrared Sauna, pre- massage and packages
Pre-massage infrared is designed to warm and detox your body, can also be used prior to any massage you choose. This innovative 30 minute treatment has many benefits including calorie loss of between 600 to 800 to kick out water, fat and toxins to aid your body work more efficiently. The newest thinking has stated that infra red saunas can aid cancer recovery by destroying cancerous cells. Recent studies have said that ordinary cells are able to cope with the heat generated by the infra red sauna but that cancerous cells cannot and therefore they die off. There have been several studies to support this theory  and we also supply led light therapy to aid skin conditioning with music or magazines to help you relax.  Single price is £20 to include showering and changing times and facilities ( 30 mins infrared and 15 mins showering/changing) We also offer discounts for block bookings. 10 x infra red sessions £175, 15 x sessions £ 225 & 20 x sessions £225. For a double detox add a floatation experience after your infrared £60 or Infrared, Floatation & 30 mins aromaspa massage £85


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