Beautytek Non Surgical Firming

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Beautytek Microcurrent Machine for Anti-Aging Facials & Body Fat Reduction.

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This advanced system helps to tone and improve the elasticity and moisture levels of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The muscles of the face are stimulated for up to 24 hours after each treatment helping to firm and condition. Using the latest technology Beautytek machine, micro-current is a proven aid towards anti-aging with lasting results when booked as a course, you will see results from the very first treatment.  For the body it forces out water, fat and toxins from the cells causing a reduction in size helping to smooth cellulite and detox. Used with our InfraRed Sauna this is a powerful tool to step up your metabolism and help you on your way to a sleeker shape. We take measurements for the body areas both before and after treatment, so these are measurable results.

Beautytek Treatments

Non-Surgical Face Lift  £55

Lower face and neck tightening £45

Forehead and eye area smooth £55

Stomach & Hip Lift £55

Legs & Buttock Lift £55


Additional information

Beautytek Microcurrent

Non-Surgical Full Face Lift £55, Lower Face and neck tightening £45, Forehead/Eyes Smooth £45, Stomach & Hip Lift £55, Legs & Buttock lift £55


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